SparkPost / CiviCRM Integration

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Last updated: 2016-05-02

Works with CiviCRM 4.7 and should work on CiviCRM 5.0 or higher

SparkPost / CiviCRM Integration

Integrates SparkPost to CiviCRM, so email can be sent out over the SparkPost service and bounces can be processed in CiviCRM.

* Now processes bounces for Transactional and Bulk (CiviMail) emails.

What This Extension Does

  • Adds a tag to all outgoing CiviMail messages. The civi-generated return-path is added as a SparkPost tag, because like most SMTP services, SparkPost strips out the return-path header for its own.
  • Adds a scheduled job that uses SparkPost API to fetch bounce events and processes their bounces in CiviCRM. I use the hash included in the SparkPost tag
  • Adds Bounce type and Pattern that helps with marking emails on hold in CiviCRM that SparkPost has added to it's suppression list

Setup Steps

  1. Create SparkPost Account
  2. Add Sending Domain and verify domain
  3. Create API key with appropriate permissions, save this API key

    • “Select All” is easiest way, but you may want to change this for your needs
    • Required: Message Events: Read-only, Send via SMTP, Suppression Lists: Read/Write
  4. Edit CiviCRM Outbound Email settings

    • Select mailer: SMTP
    • Smtp server:
    • Port: 587
    • Authentication: Yes
    • SMTP Username: SMTP_Injection
    • SMTP Password: [api key from step 3]
  5. Install/Enable CiviCRM / SparkPost Extension
  6. Edit/Enable Scheduled Job

    • api_key=[ api key from step 3]
    • events=[leave defaults, remove “- required”]
    • friendly_froms=[ - optional - this is case-sensative, match CiviCRM from address]
    • date_filter=[0 OR 1 - optional, only process bounces since the last time this scheduled job was run successfully]

Scheduled Job Parameters

  • friendly_from: comma separated lists, you should enter any email addresses that will be used to send email from. Administer > CiviMail > From Email Addresses
  • events: comma separated list of SparkPost events that should be considered bounces in CiviCRM. You can usually just leave the defaults, but this can be changed to fit your needs.