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Last updated: 2023-11-28

Works with CiviCRM 5.44 or higher.


This is a simple CiviCRM report giving you a list of the upcoming birthdays of your contacts. Simply install the extension, create a new report, and use "Available for Dashboard" to give you the list upon login.

Automatic birthday mailings

With version 1.5 this extension now provides an API for sending birthday greetings automatically via e-mail using CiviCRM's scheduled jobs.

Please note: With default settings no e-mail will be sent after upgrading to this version. E-Mail only will be sent if triggering an APIv3 or APIv4 birthday action manually or by using scheduled jobs.

The settings menu provides a step by step integrated settings guide on how to set up your CiviCRM for automated birthday email notifications.

Navigate to (either or):

  • "Administer" --> "Communication"--> "Birthday Settings"
  • "Administer" --> "Administration Console"--> "Birthdays Extension Settings"

An activity is written for every successful / failed email greetings.


The extension is currently localised for English and German. Since the infrastructure is there, adding another language should be pretty easy. We're also planning to add more features (see here), but currently lack the funding.

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