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Extensions are installable packages which give CiviCRM new functionality, and this directory provides a centralized list of extensions which the CiviCRM community has created. This listing displays CiviCRM extensions that work on all Content Management Systems (CMS).

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Platform integrations

As well as extensions that install within CiviCRM and work on all CMSs listed below, you can browse directories of integrations that are made specifically for:

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Current Usage: 0
Allows Admins to set up a 'main/parent' event with some 'related/child' events, such that registering for the 'main/parent' event also registers the participant to all the 'related/child' events.

Set up involves specifying the Event ID of the 'main/parent' event in the custom field on the 'related/child' events.

Such registrations can then be overridden if necessary by admin, eg if a user signs up for an event series E1, E2, E3 etc, but are then unable to attend E3, they can be instead registered for F3 for example
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