CiviMobile 4.2 Released. What’s new?

2019-11-25 06:45
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Right on cue CiviMobile app scales up to offer nonprofit organization’s constituents the best experience of CiviCRM functionality on their smartphones. From the outset CiviMobile offered its users fast and responsive performance of a native mobile app. Following few releases, it has accumulated wide user capabilities for CRM data management, which continue to expand.

What Is New


For nonprofits achieving social impact means raising support which usually includes growing a network of contacts, preparing presentations, organizing fundraising events, sending a significant number of emails and making numerous calls. CiviMobile has long as opened the possibility for organizations to create profiles, edit contact details, check the contact’s calendar, etc. in an instant from any place outside the office. But for all that, as the organization grows big, so does the network of fundraisers, donors, volunteers, subcontractors, members, and employees, turning contact management into a lost cause. Organizing contacts in groups will now spare time spent earlier on finding a particular contact, adding each individual separately to the email, newsletter or invitation, etc.

Contacts are added to the group via the Groups tab in the Contact profile which redirects the user to the Groups list screen with three available sections: Actual, Past and Smart Groups. Actual and Past Groups display the list of groups the contact is/was associated to, while Smart Groups section is populated automatically relative to a set of contact characteristics.

The user will easily manage the groups by manually adding and removing a contact from selected actual groups. As a result, the actual groups will land in the Past Groups section where they can be deleted or restored and added back to the Actual Groups section.


CiviMobile now supports tags that organize data and serve to bring chaos to order. Tags are not viewed as a separate method of contacts segmentation but rather complementary one with functionality that along with groups help users achieve a more refined contacts classification and searchability.

In case you are involved in contact management in your organization you could choose to group contacts by organizations and then designate those contacts by their interests, roles, location etc. Suppose you attended a fundraising event, you could group people by their roles and use tags like name and year of the event.

The new functionality allows viewing, adding and deleting tags. Tags are accessed from the Contact Profile which redirects the user to the Tags list screen, where a user will be able to add one or more tags to the contact. The Tag list screen consists of two sections: Tag Tree and Tag Sets.

The Tag tree groups the tags, while the relationship between the Tag set and Tag tree is that of a generic term and a specific instance of it. For example, tag set categorizes the type of organization (i.e educational, religious, instructional/training, health services, scientific research, professional association etc.), whereas the tag tree suggests whether it’s a state-owned entity or a regular enterprise, donor or volunteer, etc.

Date/currency type custom fields

Our latest release of CiviMobile has introduced custom field functionality for users to have all needed information available on their smartphone display at any moment. With an array of available data types and input field formats the user can configure any relevant information in CiviCRM and later view and edit it on smartphone. Following up on the requests from CiviMobile users, Agiliway team added date type and currency type custom fields to make it possible for a user to select from a large list of currencies as well as enter necessary date with one tap

App Localization update

CiviMobile app interface is being adapted to meet language expectations of a growing CiviCRM community. The app’s global reach continues to expand to add Polish to the list of languages CiviMobile has been localized for. The list will now include 8 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Ukrainian and Polish.

More enhancements are coming… Visit CiviMobile website to learn more about CiviMobile features, installation process, and the latest news. We work to achieve a better CiviMobile user experience. Please email us at to share your recommendations and ideas.