Name of Company: 
Location of Job: 
London , LND
United Kingdom
Type of Work: 
Marketing & Communications
Telecommute ok?: 
Time commitment: 
Full Time
How to apply:

CiviHR is recruiting a full-time marketing and communications manager, both to encourage non-profits to sign up to CiviHR, and also to communicate with existing clients to encourage their use of CiviHR. Our office is in London, but the job could be done by telecommute.

Key Responsibilities

  • Managing and updating website content
  • Writing blog posts, tweets, and newsletter emails
  • Writing content for the online user guide
  • Answering questions from prospective clients as to what CiviHR can do
  • Performing online demonstrations to prospective clients
  • Performing online training sessions for existing clients
  • Attending conferences and events to present CiviHR
  • Managing the contacts in the CRM database
  • Creating reports regarding the use of the website and of the CiviHR application

Our Ideal Candidate

  • Is fluent in English
  • Enjoys writing
  • Enjoys meeting with and talking with people
  • Enjoys working with non-profits
  • Can work independently without the need for lots of supervision
  • Is proficient in using CiviCRM
  • Is willing to learn how to use CiviHR
  • Has a least 3 years’ experience in a similar role


CiviHR - - is the initiative of Robin Tombs, a successful serial entrepreneur with a personal commitment to giving back. Having been involved in the development of an internal HR system for use at one of his companies, and having experienced the benefits that it brought to both management and staff alike, Robin was surprised how few of the non-profits he worked with were enjoying the benefits of similar systems. Too often the reason given was that HR systems were considered to be unaffordable.

Robin’s response to this was to launch the development of CiviHR, based on Drupal and CiviCRM, and offered as both a paid SaaS service and a free open source download. It is designed to be affordable and easy to use without compromising on the quality of features.

How To Apply

Please send a CV and covering letter to Andrew Tombs: Links to any online content that you have published would also be helpful.