For most, the warm feeling you get from having done a good deed is all the reward that's needed when contributing to CiviCRM. Even still, we like to throw in a few perks that might be beneficial for you. Not only do you get a sweet badge and good karma, you also have access to an increasing pool of benefits provided by the Core Team and various CiviCRM experts.

10% off shared hosting accounts from CiviHosting

CiviHosting are the experts in CiviCRM hosting and support sites running WordPress, Drupal, Joomla. They have shared and VPS servers in the USA and Europe. They guarantee that all featurse of CiviCRM will work on their servers and will work well and CiviHosting offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with their service or support, you'll get a full refund. It's that simple.

Visit them at:

Free access to CiviTip online webinars from Cividesk

Members have free access to CiviDesk's online webinars known as "CiviTips". These are frequent, 30 mins webinars that focus on a specific feature or process within CiviCRM. All webinars are listed at

$250 discount for new CiviCRM maintenance plans from Ginkgo Street Labs

Ginkgo Street Labs specializes in making CiviCRM easy. We help organizations get started, customize CiviCRM to fit their organization's needs, and provide ongoing support. With the CiviCRM Maintenance Plan, we provide free hosting for CiviCRM and your integrated CMS, apply CiviCRM and CMS security releases, do up to two CiviCRM upgrades per year for free and more. CiviCRM members will receive $250 off the setup fee when they sign up for a new CiviCRM Maintenance Plan. Learn more and sign up.

Post jobs at CiviCRM from CiviCRM

Looking for help? Post your jobs online at free of charge. You'll benefit from promotion in CiviCRM's newsletters, social media, and more. Job postings normally cost a fee with proceeds benefiting the Core Team. Post your job today at

25% discount on CiviCRM on-line group training from Cividesk

These online training sessions are designed for new users, or as refresher courses, and are a great way to learn the basic concepts, best practices, and tips on improving your productivity. Each two hour session focuses on a different aspect of the database starting with Contact Management, which serves as the foundation for understanding how the CRM works, then Membership Management, Event Management, and Contributions. Class size is limited to maintain a quality audio conference and allow time for participants to ask questions. To learn more visit

Ask the Teacher from CiviTeacher

CiviCRM member organizations have access to quarterly online webinars in which Stuart Gaston, aka CiviTeacher, will answer all questions related to CiviCRM, and maybe some related to life in general. Think of it like Car Talk, only we’re not talking cars… we’re talking CiviCRM. So bring your questions and let Stuart solve all your problems. And, if he can’t, you might catch a rare glimpse of Dream Crusher, his alter ego that won’t pull punches on what you can’t do with CiviCRM! Ask the Teacher webinars are intended to be a Q&A forum for members only.

50% off first three months of hosting from Greenleaf Advancement

Our standard hosting package includes a fully configured CiviCRM system, free website hosting, maintenance upgrades, user support, and access to ongoing training. Visit Greenleaf Advancement online for more information.

Member-benefits are just one cool aspect of membership with CiviCRM and will change over time as partner offerings change. We encourage members to take advantage of the benefits offered and/or provide feedback on what would be a nice addition to this pool of resources.

30% off a one year subscription from CiviTeacher

CiviTeacher offers over 60 training videos on how to use and configure CiviCRM. Share your account between yourself and your staff.

15% discount on the Quickstart service from Cividesk

Cividesk is a Software as a Service provider for CiviCRM. The Quickstart service includes everything to get you started on the right tracks: survey and key staff interviews to understand your specific needs, installation and configuration of CiviCRM on our servers, data import and migration, and initial training of your staff. The monthly subscription then includes hosting, maintenance and updates of CiviCRM as well as ongoing technical support, and continued education as needed by your staff. Much of this work happens ‘behind the scenes’, and you will only see that your CRM is available and performing as expected, and know there is always someone available to answer your questions or provide assistance. To learn more visit

Free Basic Monitoring for members from AGH Strategies

AGH Strategies is a full-service CiviCRM consulting and development shop that specializes in supporting CiviCRM sites wherever they're installed. The Basic Monitoring plan includes monitoring of web and database server status, including disk space, memory, and CPU usage; CiviCRM cron status; several common email blacklists; and available updates to CiviCRM and your CMS. It also includes off-site backup of your CRM. Alerts can be sent to your choice of provider or handled directly by AGH Strategies. Read more at

30% off fixes/enhancements via the Paid Issue Queue from CiviCRM

While we strongly encourage end users to seek support with CiviCRM experts, sometimes you've found a bug or need a tweak that's best accomplished by the Core Team. We appreciate that such work can be expensive, so we offer members 30% normal Core Team rates on the Paid Issue Queue.

$20 discount per Civi911 call for members from AGH Strategies

Civi911 is meant for people who need immediate help that requires more than the forums and who either had a web developer do the install or are handling maintenance in-house. We'll see if we can't get you out of a pinch. More info online at

30% off sanctioned CiviCRM events from CiviCRM

Official CiviCRM events are a great way to sharpen your skills and get involved in the community. As supporters of the project, we want to make it easy for you to be a part of this incredible community and to help shape CiviCRM.