Monday, December 11, 2006 - 19:18
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One of the most frequently asked questions on the CiviCRM dev list is for help with installing CiviCRM. Most of the questions are quite similar, although each of them seems to have their own specific twist. We do agree that installing CiviCRM is not for the faint-hearted and it takes a fair amount of skill to get it up and running the first time.

In the recent past, CivicSpace has started rolling out a fabulous new service called CivicSpace On Demand. This is basically pre-installed and pre-configured Drupal 4.7, CiviCRM 1.5 along with the other Civi components CiviContribute, CiviMail and CiviMember. This is an incredibly valuable service for the community and we do work pretty closely with the CivicSpace folks to address the needs of the community. Obviously a major advantage of ASP services is upgrades are virtually free to the end user. With both Drupal and CiviCRM going thru release cycles at a fairly quick pace, having someone else handle it for you is a big deal indeed.

For folks who insist on running and installing their own copy of CiviCRM, we convinced our good friends at WebAccess to offer installation services.. Please feel free to sign up and recommend folks to their service. Note that we do have a professional relationship with them, Webaccess is our indian development team.

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