CiviCRM v3.1: Extending Custom groups to handle multiple relationship / event types

2009-09-28 21:31
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The team is starting to roll on CiviCRM v3.1. One of the sponsored items is the ability to allow one custom group to be used with multiple relationship types. I'll use relationship types as my example here. This feature will also work with other objects that can be extended: specifically In v3.0 and prior a custom group can only be used for one specific relationship type. This feature will allow a custom group to extend one or more relationship types. Thus we can create a custom group which extends the relationships of type: Employer / Employee AND Parent/Child AND Teacher/Student

Some of the specific features that will be added as part of this project include:

  • Allow a custom group to extend the same object with different types. Thus a custom group can extend the relationship table for 1 or more specific relationship types. Specifically this list includes: contacts, contact sub-types, relationships, activities, contributions, events, memberships and participants.
  • Currently the custom group settings cannot be changed (what object and types it extends). If there are no values in the value table, we will allow the types to be changed. If there are values, we will allow additional types to be added (but current types cannot be removed to prevent potential data loss)
  • If time permits, allow custom groups to extend events and participants of a specific Event Type.

The issue for this feature is at: We'll add sub-issues and more details as we start work on this

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