Security Advisories

This page lists all security advisories since June 2013. For older security advisories see this post. Security release announcements (starting with v4.2) are also listed here.

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The "Quick Search" bar in CiviCRM v4.3 includes a backend for processing search requests which is split in two layers. Both layers may be accessed remotely by backend users with permission "access CiviCRM." A malicious user may bypass one layer (which performs SQL validation/escaping) and call the second layer directly (thus bypassing SQL validation/escaping).

Note: The scope of the SQL injection is limited compared to a typical SQL injection because CiviCRM's SQL API does not accept SQL queries with multiple statements. Consequently:

CiviCRM v2+ includes a "Custom Search" system which allows administrators to register customized search forms and includes some default custom-searches (e.g. "Find Contribution Amounts by Tag"). CiviCRM also supports role-based access controls using permissions like "access CiviContribute" or "access CiviEvent". For the default custom-searches, CiviCRM does not enforce the expected role-based access controls.

OpenFlashChart is a library used to render dashboards and reports in CiviCRM v3+. The library includes a program written for Adobe Flash which accepts data via query string. The data is not properly sanitisized. If an attacker provides an authorized user with a maliciously constructed link, the attacker can cause the user to execute arbitrary JavaScript code.

Note: This document is being published in June 2013 to conform with our new disclosure format. However, the issue was previously disclosed in detail in a blog-post (April 2013) and in summary in a release-announcement (Nov 2012).