Caldera Forms end of life and a thank you to the CiviCRM WordPress Community

2021-03-24 14:55
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This is a follow-up to my previous blog post, Tell the Caldera Forms Team that the CiviCRM Community uses Caldera Forms.

There was a huge turnout by the CiviCRM WordPress community to the discovery / interview process managed by Saturday Drive, the owners of Caldera Forms. Thank you to everyone that participated, we made an impact.

In response to our rallying support for Caldera Forms integration with CiviCRM, we have managed to receive recognition of the importance of having an WordPress form builder integrated with CiviCRM.

I am positive about the future of CivICRM integration with WordPress and can see there is a growing number of developers actively working on WordPress/CiviCRM sites, no longer is WordPress a 2nd class citizen in the CiviCRM world.

CiviCRM, while not an official Caldera Forms add-on, enjoys widespread use and a pretty incredible community that showed up in force during our discovery process earlier this year. We’ll be working in conjunction with their team to make an official Ninja Forms <> CiviCRM integration to make your transition seamless and keep you connected to WordPress

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