QuickBooks Online integration with CiviCRM now available!

2020-05-13 00:15
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Agileware are pleased to announce the immediate availability of CiviQuickBooks, a new CiviCRM extension for integrating CiviCRM  with QuickBooks Online.

If your organisation is using QuickBooks Online, then cheer up, we have some good news! You can now integrate your accounting system with CiviCRM:

  • CiviCRM Contacts and Contributions are pushed to QuickBooks
  • Linked QuickBooks Invoices are pulled into CiviCRM, updating the Contribution status.
  • Sit back and enjoy the synchronisation of all things!

Integration of the two systems saves you time by not having to do repetitive data entry in your accounting system and CiviCRM. This extension does the work for you!

QuickBooks Online provides different Tax APIs for US and non-US countries. The CiviQuickBooks extension has been developed and successfully tested with:

  1. QuickBooks Online, Australia (AU)
  2. QuickBooks Online, United States (USA)
  3. QuickBooks Online, United Kingdom (UK)

CiviQuickBooks implements the latest OAuth 2.0 protocol for QuickBooks Online ensuring secure communications between the two systems.

There are a few steps required to get the integration up and running so make sure you read the README and if you get stuck, feel free to contact Agileware for support. Download CiviQuickBooks now from GitHub.

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