Show CiviCRM Content Quickly & Easily in WordPress using Content Views

2019-10-23 22:47
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Building a WordPress website with integrated CiviCRM is now even easier and more awesome. Add a new plugin to your toolkit with the Content Views CiviCRM plugin,

The Content Views CiviCRM plugin integrates the fabulous Content Views plugin, with CiviCRM, utilising the new Data Processor extension,

The Data Processor extension makes it incredibly easy and flexible to create new data sources for Content Views, which can then be used to design the layout and presentation of CiviCRM data on your website.

Content Views CiviCRM also supports features included with Content Views Pro plugin, such as advanced filtering and sorting.

If you want to see the Content Views plugin in action, then watch this video,

This work was made possible by standing on the shoulders of giants, Jaap Jansma author of the Data Processor extension, and Andrei Mondoc for the proof of concept plugin,

Special thanks also to Seamus Lee for encouraging Agileware at the October 2019, Asia Pacific meet up to explore using the Data Processor extension as the data source back-end.

Download, fork and contribute to the Content Views CiviCRM plugin,



This looks good, and I’m happy to see the proof of concept is getting some love.

That said, it would have been nicer to fork and add those features to the current implementation, or add the necessary hooks to make this feature possible, or give it a different name (and namespace) i.e. –Content Views CiviCRM Data Processor rather than copy paste as a new project. I think right now it creates confusion for users that want to try it out/contribute to development, what is what, and both plugins cannot coexist in the same WP instance.

And it would have also be nicer if attribution was kept.

I second that - I was a bit confused to see maybe 80% of the code from Andrei's work in a new project file with no attribution / fork. I don't know if that is normal practice in Wordpress, or an accident.. but if it happened to me in, say, a theme, I'd be at risk of thinking twice about GPL-ing work again.

Thanks for the feedback, received and taken on board.

We will rename the plugin to Content Views CiviCRM Data Processor to avoid potential confusion.

I agree that there should be some attribution noted in the README. This was an oversight and not intentional. As you can see from this blog post; where it was attributed and directly referenced to the proof of concept.

I will reach out directly to you andrei on github, to clear up the code licensing ambiguity since the proof of concept has no software license assigned to it at all.

This work did start out as a fork with the intention to submit a PR, however the code changed so much and the implementation diverged that we thought it best to just set up as a new project.