Announcing 4.☔ LTS

2018-04-01 04:55
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You may have read the recent announcement of CiviCRM 5.0 and its revolutionary new method of numbering CiviCRM releases.
Meanwhile, those who prefer greater stability can use the Long-Term Support (LTS) releases of CiviCRM.  LTS users won't be left behind in the version numbering progress, however.
You can soon download the latest LTS release, 4.☔.♈, from the CiviCRM download page.  Each monthly LTS release is clearly numbered according to its star sign for your convenience: you can easily know that when 4.☔.♋ comes out, your copy of 4.☔.♉ will be two months old.
Periodically, API and schema changes may be necessary, and a new major release will come every six months, identified by the middle digit change.  Currently, we anticipate releasing 4.⚜.♎ in early October and 4.♞.♈ in April 2019.
The CiviCRM developer community and core team are excited about this change, and I hope you are too.  We expect that adopting this simple, systematic numbering plan will cause CiviCRM to have no bugs by January 2019.
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Fantastic - my astrologist says I should stick with the air signs so I'll be adoping all Libra, Gemini & Aquarius releases.

I'm so happy with this versioning system that I've stopped seeing bugs entirely.

Anonymous (not verified)
2018-04-05 - 21:55

On the download page, it says "View recent release announcements for details".

This joke page is the first thing to show up, followed by a probably-real post about a change in version numbering.

Can I suggest deleting or hiding the joke, now that April Fool's day has passed? It doesn't take very long to determine that this page is not giving real information, but surely linking to it from the Download page (and having it show up in search engine results) is undesirable.


Thanks jhungerford for pointing this out--I removed the "release" tag from this post, so now it won't show up in that listing.