Announcing CiviHR version 1.1

2013-12-06 02:40
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Version 1.1 of CiviHR is now ready for release. The main features added have been three workflows (based on CiviCase) to record and manage individuals who are:

1. Joining an organisation

2. working their Probation period

3. Leaving the organisation

Other important features that have been added include:

4. The hrprofile extension (used by the Directory in CiviHR) adds a re-designed "profile listing" screen (with Ajax and full-text search). This allows faster searching/filtering of the Directory using a single "Google style" search box as per the picture below:

5. The hrim extension adds hyperlinks to some IM's. This allows a user to start an IM conversation with a contact by clicking on their IM address recorded within CiviHR.

6. The core now has an API for scheduling reminders.

For more details, see:


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Congratulations, CiviHR team - great to see this moving along and looking foward to more releases.