CiviHR version 1.0 released

2013-11-08 09:39
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Version 1.0 of CiviHR has now been released, and is available for download at or alternatively Compucorp  are already offering a hosted version for organisations that do not want to install and maintain CiviHR themselves.

The features in this first release include:

* Staff Directory

* Work and Home Contact details

* Job Positions / Job Roles

* Emergency Contacts

* Bank details

* Identification

* Immigration / Work permits

* Medical & Disability

* Career History & Qualifications

Version 1.0 is just the beginning of what will eventually become a fully-featured HR application designed to meet the specific needs of non-profits. However, we already have a very useful application for those organisations that are struggling to keep track of their HR details on spread sheets and paper files.

You can also try out a demo of CiviHR 1.0.

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Congratulations, Andrew and Tim!

I'm looking forward to testing this out, since I think it will be useful for many organization using CiviCRM and for others in the non-profit sector.



A big cheer to all of those involved in the CiviHR project.
The software looks fantastic and I know it will help a lot of organisations over the coming years.