Farm Africa chooses CiviHR

2013-08-01 07:44
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Ahead of its first release, scheduled for Civicon London 2013, Farm Africa has committed to be the development partner for CiviHR.

Farm Africa - - provides the tools and expertise to enable smallholders in eastern Africa to increase their harvests. Local staff train them to be more commercial, adding value to surpluses by milling, drying, or turning their produce into products that fetch a higher price. With better food for their families and reliable incomes from their businesses, farmers can build for the future.

Farm Africa has annual revenue of $15 million, and employs 250 staff across 6 countries. Up to now each country office has kept its own HR records in Excel.

Jane Doughty, HR Manager at the head office in London, says, “With CiviHR, I will for the first time have visibility of all the HR records across all of our country offices. I will be able to focus on analysing trends, rather than chasing people for information.”

Jamie Novick, the head of Compucorp - - which is carrying out the implementation says, “CiviHR has opened up a whole new set of opportunities for us. Not only will it be a powerful new feature set to offer our existing CiviCRM customers, but it will also allow us to diversify and deepen our offering to larger organisations, such as Farm Africa.”

Both Jane and Jamie will be available at CiviCon London in October to talk about CiviHR.


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