Specification for CiviHR version 1.4 agreed

2014-05-01 16:59
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We have been having a very enjoyable, and very productive time at the Tahoe sprints. Amongst other achievements, we have agreed the specification of those issues to be included in version 1.4 of CiviHR, scheduled for release in time for CiviCon London in September. This release will focus on improvements to the existing features, following the feedback we have received from our users.

The issues include the fixing of the Directory so that it only displays active individuals who work for the organisation, and the creation of a more comprehensive pop-up screen for entering details of Emergency Contacts. You can see a full list of issues on Jira by clicking here.


While at the conference last week in San Francisco, we received a number of enquiries from organisations interested in becoming pilot customers for CiviHR so we are hoping that we may soon have one or two North American non-profits to add to our current users in the UK and in India. One valuable piece of feeedback we received from the community was that our original assumption that only medium/large size non-profits (i.e. those with at least 100 staff members) would be interested in CiviHR is way off the mark. It seems that CiviHR is generating interest in much smaller organisations as well. We would of course welcome any non-profit of any size to become a pilot customer if they believe that CiviHR would be of benefit to them.

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