Edale Sprint, UK 2014 comes to an end

2014-10-03 08:17
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As we approach the end of the Edale sprint, there's a lot been happening this week.  We have had 30 people here for various parts of the week averaging 20 people each day with most people staying in a large old house and a few in a nearby cottage.

On Mam TorThe scenery is superb - those who can lift their eyes away from their laptops have enjoyed the beauty of Mam Tor, with most of us surviving our way up there yesterday afternoon

Craig's food has been a highlight of the week and by popular demand is now an essential requirement for any future UK sprint!

This has been the backdrop to countless conversations about Civi - what it does, what it might do, how we might make it happen etc.  We have benefitted hugely from the presence of Kurund, Tim and Michael from the core team and their continual willingness to help the rest of us.

Numerous bugs have been squished, several extensions that were in progress have been released, other extensions have been reviewed, documentation and training materials have been improved.  Most days we have had short talks about the work people are doing along with impromptu sessions on the wonders of civibuild and civix, git, wordpress internals, and the right drinking temperature of English ale!

Thanks to all for making it such a productive, enjoyable and informative sprint - and to Oli for all his work organising it.

Vitor, Tim, Robin, Priyanka, Paul, Oliver, Michael, Maya, Mateusz, Luciano, Kurund, Kacper, Jon-man, John, Jamie, Jaap, Guanhuan, Greg, Erik, Deepak, David, David, Dave, Craig, Christian, Chanun, Carlos, Bjorn, Alejandro & Aidan

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