Manchester Sprint 2022

2022-10-04 05:20
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This time next week the Manchester Sprint 2022 will be well underway - Oct 10-12.

If you still haven't got round to booking your place, it's not too late but book now! Alongside many of the UK CiviCRM community, we have all the Core Team attending and good representation from Europe along with a few travelling from further away.

Before that, on Thursday and Friday this week (Oct 6-7) we have a 2-day in-person Developer Training at the same venue. We may be able to squeeze in 1 or 2 more if you're keen not to miss out on this rare opportunity.

For those new to sprints or who can't make the whole 3 days, we have a taster session on Tuesday. This will also be streamed if there is interest.

If you are in the area but can't join the sprint, you're still welcome to join in the social events. People will be around from Saturday; we have a walk planned for Sunday and a meal on Tuesday evening.

Our main communication forum is the ~sprint channel on Mattermost. Ask there if you have any questions about any of these events. See you there!