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2022-01-17 11:42
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Showing some more! Updates on website documenting various use cases

In 2021 we created a website containing Use Cases that show CiviCRM’s possibilities in combination with different CMS’s.

We started this website to help organisations that are looking for a CRM. When doing so, you want to see screens, want to know what it looks like, what it can do, what is involved to integrate it with your existing other systems, such as your website or your financial or bookkeeping software. 

After publishing we got feedback from unexpected sources: current users let us know they were inspired by it and learned quite a few new things. They encouraged us to continue adding Use Cases.

Use Cases

This is the list of what is currently on the site 

  • General introduction of CiviCRM and the community
  • A constituent asking a question and getting a response - Contact Request
  • A constituent getting and editing their Newsletter Subscriptions
  • A constituent making a donation and how an organisation can handle that. - Fundraising
  • A constituent visiting your website to register for an event - Event Management
  • Running an organisation that supports students in primary and secondary schools - Student Support
  • Integrating your individual mail solution into CiviCRM’s contact management - Outlook Integration

How is each use case set up?

Each topic has 2 pages: 
the first page has the Use Case itself shown from 3 different perspectives: 

  • the constituent / the visitor of your website
  • the staff member of your organisation
  • from a management perspective

The second page of the use cases shows in different video’s how CiviCRM and CMS were configured to handle that use case. 

That way we hope organisations get a good view of what it can look like when it is set up and - equally important - what kind of work it involves to set it up. 

Note: the solutions we picked for each use case are not necessarily the best, most efficient or only options for that situation. However, none of them required custom coding - all were done with existing functionality from core CiviCRM, CiviCRM extensions, Drupal modules or Wordpress plugins.

What’s next? 

We are also planning on doing a use case for Membership Management (both signing up a new member and renewing the membership) and one for Volunteer Management.

If you want to be kept up to date of new Use Cases, you want to add one yourself or if you have any other questions, please let us know. 

Erik Brouwer ( and Betty Dolfing (

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