Pictures from the Developer Camp in San Francisco

2009-05-17 16:21
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I took some photos at the recent CiviCRM Developer Camp in San Francisco. I have (finally) posted them online here:

If anyone else has photos, feel free to upload them to that gallery.

As others have already said, the Developer Camp was a great success. Meeting together to identify other users who have similar "itches" to scratch is hugely valuable, and I hope to continue working with all the people I met at the camp. It was great seeing people realize that they themselves could help move things forward, regardless of their relative technical skills or experience. Having a good mix of core developers, contributors, and users there was also quite helpful. I believe programmers should intentionally maximize the amount of time they spend interacting with the users of their software. I know it helps me a great deal to stay grounded, focused on the problem (rather than the technology we're using to solve it), and moving things forward in a useful direction.

I plan to attend every CiviCRM Dev Camp I possibly can in the future. Fun, useful, and productive. It doesn't get much better than that.

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