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2015-01-30 11:18
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In one of my previous jobs in the UK I was a debt & welfare benefits adviser and we used an off the shelf case management system.  The cost for running it was quite significant - we paid about £1000 (UK GBP) per year for only 2 signons. This type of system is used by advice agencies throughout the UK, including the Citizens Advice Bureau.
The only difference between these kind of systems and CiviCRM (that I can think of) is the personal financial statement.  This is where the user/administrator inputs the client's income & expenditure plus their debts to the various creditors.  The system then works out disposable income & debt repayments plus a printable financial statement. It's a pretty comprehensive facility and I'd guess it would need a significant development effort to get it into Civi.  But it would be quite a commercial opportunity, as the cost of alternatives always seems very high to me or - better - a big saving for non profits.


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I dont think CiviCRM is too far away from the import side with the CiviBanking extension.

This seems like a good idea for an extension. Do you know if the Citizens Advice Bureau or any other organizations that are using the service you mention (or its competitors) also use CiviCRM? 

If so, please get in contact with me to further discuss this opportunity.



As far as I know, the CAB use off the shelf software (CASE?) for their case management - not CiviCRM.