CiviCRM sprints: Why is helping the community so much fun?

2013-02-26 21:33
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If you follow the CiviCRM blog, you've probably seen a few articles about how much fun the sprints are and what a great time everyone has. Maybe you've thought to yourself, "That's not for me. I'm not a PHP programmer or a database fanatic." Well, I'm here to say that you, yes you can come to the sprint - if you don't write code you can help write the user guide. The only prerequisites are enthusiasm about CiviCRM and a willingness to help out (and a laptop). The food is great, the people are fantastic, and you will have fun, I promise.

This spring we're having a big sprint after CiviCON San Francisco. We'll be staying at the beautiful Woolman campus in the Sierra Nevada foothills April 28th - May 5th. We'll spend our time helping to make CiviCRM the best it can be, eating delicious food, and exploring the Yuba river and historic Nevada City CA.

Click here for more information

Please contact me - coleman at civicrm dot org if you have any questions.

Hope to see you there!

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