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As you may have heard, CiviCRM is about to launch an exciting new help site on Stack Exchange, which will make getting support with CiviCRM easier and more effective.

The new site is about to launch, but the initial "beta" phase will only be available to a limited group of people. This pilot group will have unprecidented access to world's top CiviCRM experts, and it's not too late for you to join them.

Announcing CiviCRM 4.5.2 & 4.4.8

Here it is, the third stable release of the incredible CIviCRM 4.5 series. This release includes some important fixes, and is recommended for everyone using CiviCRM 4.5.

» Issues fixed in 4.5.2

The LTS team is also putting out 4.4.8 today, which fixes for a regression in 4.4.7 which prevented deleted contacts from showing up in searches.

A word about release timing:

Sneak Peek at 4.5 for Developers

The CiviCRM community is hard at work on version 4.5 and even in its pre-alpha state I have to say it is looking really good! I'll do another blog in a few weeks about all the features and improvements users have to look forward to. But developers, this one is for you. Whether you maintain a CiviCRM extension, submit pull-requests, or develop customizations for your sites, you definitely want to read on...

It's CiviDay!

CiviDay is today, January 29th!

Welcome to the 2nd annual worldwide event for sharing this powerful community-driven platform. CiviCRM is relied on by thousands of organizations working to make a positive difference in the world.

Be a part of it.

If there is a meetup in your local area, join in the fun. Never been to a meetup before? Even better - these events will be especially welcoming of first-timers.