Mark your calendars for 4.7

The Core Team is very happy to announce that CiviCRM version 4.7 will be released on January 27th. Packed with both fixes and new improvements, 4.7 is the culmination of a lot of hard work and dedication from the community. If you’ve not demo’d it yet, check it out. If you’re planning to upgrade to 4.7 out of the gate, we encourage you to test a beta on a copy of your organization’s data and ensure that it’s bug-free for you. If it’s not, your testing can help the community squash any remaining 4.7 bugs!

Sprint for Civi + Drupal8, Backdrop & WP Jan 30 to Feb 4

Want to help CiviCRM integrate with Drupal8 (or Backdrop or WordPress)? Want a winter getaway and a chance to go skiing? Hey, you can have both!

Come join us for the CMS-Integration Sprint in Vail, CO Jan 30 to Feb 4 2016.

Big thanks for Nicolas Ganivet at CiviDesk for sponsoring this event and generously donating the venue!

We'll be working on:

CiviCRM 4.6.8 Released with Important ACL bugfix

If you are currently using 4.6.7 and your site uses ACLs to segment access to contacts you are strongly encouraged to upgrade. The 4.6.7 release included a regression in the ACL system which caused certain contact access permissions to behave improperly. The 4.4 LTS branch was unaffected.

The latest version is now available for downloading AND you can try it out on the demo site.