2.0 Release is in Code Freeze and a Public Sandbox is Available

2008-01-12 07:42
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We hit our target date for code freeze and the team has been working through our regression testing cycle. We are re-testing all resolved issues from the 1.7, 1.8 and 1.9 queues to verify that no fixes / improvements got lost in the refactoring for 2.0. We've put up a PUBLIC SANDBOX running the latest 2.0 codebase. At this point it would be super useful if folks who have existing CiviCRM installs get on the sandbox and try running the commonly used features and function as they would do them on their own site. This should really help accelerate the process of flushing out edge case problems, etc. Login info and info about posting issues from 2.0 sandbox testing can be found on the sandbox home page. There are currently 11 open issues in the 2.0 queue - which we hope to get this down to below 5 by next week. The anticipated release milestones and dates are:
  • Alpha release: 01/21/2008 (downloadable tarball and possibly an upgrade script for 1.9 -> 2.0 included)
  • Beta release: 02/11/2008
  • Final release: 02/25/2008
If you're looking forward to features in the 2.0 release - the best thing you can do is help move the Quality Assurance process forward by testing stuff on the sandbox!
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