2.0.6 Bug Fix Release

2008-08-20 11:55
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A 'bug fix' update for version 2.0 is now available for download. Version 2.0.6 includes the following fixes:
  • CRM-3404 : Broken layout for Contact Edit form (under Safari)
  • CRM-3403 : 1.9 -> 2.0 upgrade issues for Event Fees where event uses Price Sets
  • CRM-3376 : Profile forms may cause primary location data to be lost
  • CRM-3395 : Recurring contributions DB error
  • CRM-3095 : Profiles assigned to Contribution page or Event Registration can disappear if weight is changed
  • CRM-3280 : Profile search pager problems
We recommend upgrading to 2.0.6 if you think that any of these issues may affect your site. There are no database changes for this upgrade. Follow these instructions for upgrading between minor revisions. >> Drupal Upgrade >> Joomla Upgrade
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