Friday, October 27, 2006 - 21:25
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We are just wrapping up our first implementation of access control lists (ACL) in CiviCRM (for v1.6). This gives us a framework for building fairly sophisticated access permissions into the data model and allowing fine granularity of who can view/edit/delete various sections of your contact database

Our first implementation replicates what we currently achieve with drupal's permissioning system. A CiviCRM admin can partition their contact database into multiple sections, and give view/edit access to different "roles". Integrating this into the core allows us to expose this functionality to our Joomla! users also. We do not use a matrix of checkboxes to present all potential combination, but rather present one "ACL" at a time. Obviously each method has its advantages/disadvantages, but the former is inherently non-scalable (as some of our friends in canada discovered when trying to partition their db into 300+ ridings), while the latter would probably need an external script to populate the database tables for significantly large sets of ACLs

We'd also like to use ACL's to control to empower custom groups and profiles with acl permissioning. This will allow folks to selectively expose custom data to users, a feature which has been requested in the past. We are starting to come closer to our target date for the 1.6 release (mid-november), and this feature is currently on the fence :)