Adding Pledge functionality to CiviContribute

2008-06-19 11:48
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Following on Lobo's recent blog post about missing features in CiviCRM - we decided to take a closer look at what it would take to get basic "Pledge" functionality added to CiviContribute (and then evaluate how soon we could take that "leap").

The first step was reviewing the Pledge Requirements document / discussion which has been "evolving" on the wiki over the past year or so. Then I spent some time looking at some demos of Pledge functionality in other applications.

The result of these efforts is a Draft Specification for getting "offline" pledge features added to CiviContribute. The spec is not complete - screens/work-flow are still to be sketched out. But at this point, it would be great if folks who have an interest and experience in this area to take a look at the specs and give us feedback about the direction, use cases to consider (with priorities), etc.

Depending on the rate of progress for our other outstanding 2.1 issues, we MAY be able to squeeze this into the next release - so if you have feedback, get it to us now :-). You can either edit the wiki spec page directly or add your comments there.

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