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2006-11-17 09:39
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We are happy to announce that our 1.6 Alpha release is now available for preview and testing on our servers. We'd like to get as many folks trying out the new features as possible over the next week. This will help us move quickly to a downloadable Beta release - which is currently scheduled for November 29.

You can login to the sandbox at:

User - demo
Password - demo

Highlights of the release - and things we especially like folks to try out are:
* Ajax-based suggestive search in the Contact Search box (left column)
* Dynamically loaded sections in Advanced Search and Contact View Screens
* Mouseover help in Administer Profiles, Import and other spots (look for the ? icon)
* Progress Bar during the import process

Check out the 1.6 Roadmap for a summary of new features and improvements:

If you encounter behavior that is clearly a bug - please file an issue on our issue tracker with specific steps to recreate:…

If you're not sure whether what you're observing is a bug or a "feature" - please post the issue to the mailing list.

Thanks for supporting the project by spending some time testing and reviewing the release! We'd like to make 1.6 a high quality release, so your help is essential.

Downloadable versions of 1.6 will be available at our download site early next week. This is an alpha release, as such we expect to make a fair number of changes to the code and schema. Please do not use it in production.

The CiviCRM Team

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