Saturday, December 4, 2010 - 16:47
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As many of you know, the next DrupalCon will be in Chicago this coming March. Last April we held a number of CiviCRM events - including our first "CiviCon" - in conjunction with DrupalCon SF. That turned out to be a good strategy as quite a few developers, consultants and users took advantage of the opportunity to attend both CiviCRM and Drupal events. We're planning something similar next March in Chicago. We'll hold user and developer / implementor training sessions in March 5-6th, followed by the CiviCon conference on March 7th.

CiviCon will bring together users and developers of CiviCRM to discuss the latest developments in our project, share experiences, see some of the cool things folks are doing with CiviCRM, and help steer the future.

We are looking for folks to submit session proposals - so if you have a topic you want to discuss or present, add it to this wiki page. Check out last years schedule to stimulate your thinking.

Chicago event dates and links to registration:

We need folks to help us find appropriate venue(s), act as co-hosts, sponsor refreshments, and / or help out with logistics. Contact me at dave at civicrm dot org if you can pitch in . Also, if you have connections with foundations or non-profits who could space that could accommodate some or all of these events as a "contribution" to the project, that would be cool. If there's other folks in the Chicago area who you think might be interested / able to help - please pass this along.

P.S. - We'd also would like to see several Civi-related sessions during DrupalCon. Let us know if you're interested in running (or assisting) with some sessions.

P.P.S. - The March 7th date for CiviCon overlaps with DrupalCon's pre-conference training day. However, we recognize that some (many?) folks will be arriving in Chicago on the 6th or 7th - and hopefully will be able to make time for CiviCon on the afternoon of the 7th.


Hello, I would like to apply for a scholarship to the Customizing and Extending CiviCRM Training. Is there an online form, or should I contact you directly to apply?

Thank you, -Tony

I will respond directly via email.

I'm working to get a system in place that we can replicate for about a dozen American Solar Energy Society chapters around the country, but I'm doing this largely on a volunteer basis right now.  Could really use this workshop, I'll already be paying my own way to get back to Chicago.  Will email you.