CiviCRM 2.0 Progress

2007-10-31 15:34
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Now that 1.9 stable is out - most of the team has been focusing heavily on the 2.0 queue. If you've been "following along" - you know that this release includes substantial changes to the core schema. We think these changes will simplify and streamline many of the most commonly used queries. The good news is that most of the code re-writes needed to support the schema change are now in place and most core functionality is running again :-) On the flip-side - the QA effort for this release will need to be exhaustive - and we're counting on everyone out there who uses CiviCRM to step up and help us pound on the release once we hit Alpha. The candidate feature list for 2.0 is still a bit fluid. We're going to try and squeeze in some additional CiviEvent improvements based on the increasing traction we're seeing - and incorporating suggestions and requests that have been coming in on the forum. Improvements being considered include:
  • Allow participants to see other participants (e.g. view participant list for an event from a static url)
  • Duplicate registration detection (check against email, if duplicate give status and abort).
  • One-step offline Event Registration (e.g. option to create associated contribution record and send receipt/confirmation).
  • Pay-by-check / pay-later option for Events (using "Pending" status)
  • Streamlined event registration for free events (skip confirmation step)
Check out the full 2.0 Roadmap for a complete listing. If there are items on the list that are high priority for you or your organization and don't yet have an associated Jira issue number - consider whether you can contribute any resources to help get them done. This could include coding, early testing, documentation, etc. The issue tracker currently has 31 open issues for 2.0. Our short-term target is to knock off ~10 issues each week so we can get the queue down to < 10 by Thanksgiving.
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I have read that in previous versions of CiviCRM that the custom fields are limited to around 30. What will be the limit in the new schema. Have you looked at tools like facile forms ( It seems to have a model that allows unlimited number of custom fields, or am I missing something?

My goal is to leverage CiviCRM as a platform for simple web apps revolving around the population I serve. Adding PHP to profiles as described for 2.1 goes a long way for this. This is something else that Facile Forms does, very elegantly, with a user generated library of code chunks that can be added from a drop down menu to a form. Something else that Facile forms does that would be good is the ability to include javascript snippets to a form as well. Is this the direction you are heading or am did I miss understand.

The new model creates tables and as such is much more efficient and scalable. You will hit mysql limits based on the number of tables you create etc, but if you group your fields logically into a set of tables, it can scale quite nicely

Would be great if you can research facileforms and give us a technical recap on it (or point us to the relevant docs). We've looked a fair amount at Drupal CCK with regard to our current model. Adding PHP / javascript to the custom fields/forms is a possibility in future versions.


"Streamlined event registration for free events (skip confirmation step)"

I think this is great. I think the closer CiviEvents gets to "one-click" for registration the better.

Also, easier integration with the Drupal Views Calendar would be nice.