Monday, May 11, 2009 - 15:38
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The Book Sprint is over - and we met our goal: Zero to Book in 5 days. Reflecting on the process, I am incredibly moved by the dedication and commitment which everyone on the sprint team brought to the process. People came together with a rich mix of experience and perspectives - and an amazing spirit of collaboration. It was a personal honor for me to be a member of this incredible team! You can read the book online (in your browser) at: >> and you can download a PDF version of the complete book by clicking the Make PDF icon in the upper left corner of that screen. I am quite hopeful that this book will be a great resource both for current members of the CiviCRM community and for people who are evaluating whether CiviCRM might be a useful tool for their organizations. Please post your feedback and suggestions on the Documentation and Book section of the community forums. You can also purchase a printed and bound version of the book from >> However, we expect to be publishing an update with formatting fixes and minor corrections in the next few weeks - so you may want to hold off on ordering print copies. Stay tuned to this blog for an announcement of the updated version. Heartfelt thanks again to the entire book sprint team! Book Sprint Team Photo In the back row you are looking at Michael McAndrew (London, UK), Tony Guzman (Salt Lake City, USA), Brian Shaugnessy (New York, USA), Dave Greenberg (San Francisco, USA), Yashodha Chaku (Mumbai, India) and Adam Hyde (Berlin, Germany). In the front row Mari Tilos (San Francisco, USA), Cynthia Tarascio (Philidephia, USA), Michal Mach (Warsaw, Poland) and Peter Davis (Wellington, New Zealand). In the very front is Eileen McNaughton (Wellington, New Zealand). ... and finally, here's a fun video slideshow that captures a bit of the sprint spirit.
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It's really a useful guide! thanks to you all!