CiviCRM v1.5 update ...

2006-09-27 09:48
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The response to v1.5 has been very positive. I think we are starting to hit the sweet spot for most users. We've been getting a steady stream of bug reports in various components and have been averaging a new release every week. Most of the bugs have been relatively easy to fix, but there have been a couple of complex ones that we are still figuring out. The project is getting a fair amount of traction on the joomla side. Elin W is pushing CiviCRM to its limits on the joomla side and ensuring that all the stuff works as advertised out there. The Kabissa Project will also help us stabilize and strengthen our links with the joomla community and work has just started on that part Interest in the CiviMember component is significantly more than i expected. We definitely need to figure out what the next steps are to make this more useful and easier for people to use (features like import) Do send in your suggestions and feature requests. We do rely a lot on these requests to figure out the features for the next release (v1.6) lobo
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