Rob Thorne releases Initial CiviNode code

2006-04-14 13:23
Written by
CiviNode is a module and API that exposes CiviCRM contacts, groups, and other CiviCRM object types to Drupal as nodes. It's designed to make CiviCRM easier to use and integrate with all of the Drupal tools and techniques you've come to know and love. For example, once you've mirrored a CiviCRM contact into Drupal, you will be able to: * Catagorize it with taxonomies * Attach event or location information * Track what's happening with the contact with a work-flow * Control the way it displays by theming it. CiviNode Module Why to go Rob (Torenware Networks)!! And special thanks to The Collective Heritage Foundation/Bioneers for funding the development.
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