Successful NOSI / NTEN Webinar on CiviCRM

2008-04-29 20:38
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Lobo and I woke up at 5:30am (ouch) today to conduct the CiviCRM Webinar. A dark and stormy morning in New Zealand - but evidently a good time for the Webinar (11am PDT) - as we had an awesome turnout (40+ folks registered). The session was billed as in introduction to CiviCRM - so we spent most of the time describing the key features and components (contributions, memberships, event registration, etc.). In order to give folks a better idea of CiviCRM in Action - I created a separate slide-show with screenshots of CiviCRM pages from a variety of live sites...
  • User registration with CiviCRM profiles - from Amnesty International
  • Multiple online contribution pages (campaign-specific) - from The Conservation Fund
  • Membership signup - from NYAMA
  • Event listing and registration - from The Foundation for Prader-Willi Research
  • Searchable South African NGO eirectory - from SangoNet
Pulling these together was fun - and I think sharing them helps folks understand better the power of CiviCRM and particularly our integration with the CMS's. Feedback from the attendees was quite positive - and Anna Richter from NTEN has invited us to do a follow-up Ask the Experts (Q and A) webinar later this year. We'll post the dates and info once this is set. You can download a copy of the PowerPoint slides we used, as well as a transcript of the Webinar Q/A here.
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I particularly liked the screen shots. It would be nice if people could include some screen shots in case studies -- perhaps what the user sees and the administrator screens showing how the page was created.

You and Lobo did a good job on the webinar -- and you didn't even sound sleepy!

Judy Hallman