Wednesday, November 15, 2006 - 08:38
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Closing in on the 1.6 release...

We made our goal for last week - reducing the existing queue items to 4! Most of the team has switched to unit testing mode. Each team member is taking on a group of Resolved issues from the master 1.6 queue and retesting the functionality. This has surfaced 2 new problems - bringing the total open count to 6 as of this morning.

In general, we are trying to make sure that a person other than the original assignee does the unit tests - so there is another set of eyes. After testing, team members are "signing off" on the issue by marking it Closed.

For this week, our goal is to get through retesting all the Resolved issues in preparation for an alpha release this Friday (Nov 17). We will also install a public sandbox with 1.6 code so that folks who want to try out the new features can do so without installing their own copy.

Additionally, we have some presentation / inline help fixes to put in place this week - making sure new fields and functionality have accurate descriptions and implementing our new Ajax-based rollover help feature on pages that currently have a lot of explanatory text.