Team Goals for the Week of November 6

2006-11-06 18:20
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We made excellent progress on our 1.6 queue last week. All but one of the issues targeted have been moved into resolved status. The queue is now down to 12 items (from 23 last week). Some team members will be moving into active QA mode this week - doing regression testing on the 1.6 resolved queue to verify that things haven't gotten broken since they were resolved earlier in the release cycle.

For the coming week we'll try to get the queue down to 5 issues or less... and finish the following larger issues:

  • Add an automated membership renewal reminder feature (CRM-1382).
  • Finish work on moving CiviCRM Configuration Settings into the database - by adding code to set reasonable defaults and smooth-out the upgrade process (CRM-1291).
  • Make sure that CiviMail flags bounced/invalid email addresses (CRM-1325).
  • Include profile fields in Contribution Confirm and Thank-you pages as well as receipts (CRM-1346).

We're targeting final feature freeze (only bug fixes) for this Friday (November 10).