Sunday, October 29, 2006 - 08:47
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We made decent progress on our 1.6 queue last week. Some of the issues we targeted for resolution are still in progress, but the queue is now down to 23 items (from 39 last week).

For the coming week we'll try to get the queue down to around 10 issues and resolve the following larger issues:

  • Add support for free membership signup. This should also allow for contribution pages which solicit in-kind (non-monetary) contributions.
  • Finish work on Access Control (ACL) functionality for group permissioning (CRM-1308).
  • Finish work on PayPal Website Payments Standard with IPN.
  • Move CiviCRM Configuration Settings into the database and provide an admin interface for editing them (CRM-1291).
  • Complete integration of latest AMaViS package into CiviMail (CRM-1178).
  • Include profile fields in Contribution Confirm and Thank-you pages as well as receipts (CRM-1346).