Friday, May 4, 2018 - 03:52
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Greetings, CiviCRM community!
The May release of CiviCRM is now ready to download.


Big thanks to Andrew Hunt from AGH Strategies for putting up together release notes for this version. 
The release notes for 5.1.0 can be accessed here.


Complete list of 5.1.0 contributors (it's a huge team!) can be found here. Thanks to everyone involved!
This version includes:
  1. New features
  2. Fixes for installation and upgrade issues
  3. Bug fixes



The focus for this month's release has been on bug fixes but there are a few improvements notably
  •  Core CiviCRM updates:

Report improvements. 
Reports that don't have detailed information about contacts now no longer join to the address, phone, and email tables. More details here
Expose description field for option values in UI.
Custom field options have a description field; now it can be set from the user interface and viewed when managing option values. More details here.
View custom data for recurring contributions.
This resolves a problem where custom data could be set for recurring contributions but could not be viewed outside of the API. More details available here
Add activities to recent items on view and edit.
A recently viewed or edited activity will now appear on the list of recent items in Backdrop, Drupal, and Joomla. More details available here
  • CiviContribute
Replace payment details block with editable payment list on 'Edit Contribution' form.
The backend contribution edit form is now based on the same payment editing interface as events with multiple payments. More details available here
Tweak layout on contribution view screen to make payments clearer.
When viewing a contribution on the back end, a table of payments now displays immediately below the total amount. More details available here
  • CiviMail
Show warning on system status page if reply_id for mailing is not set to any default.
This warns users if no auto-reply message is selected as default, as this will prevent CiviMail messages from being submitted. More details available here
  • Drupal Integration
Add activity created_date, modified_date and original_id fields to views. More details available here
Please refer to the release notes for complete list of changes! 


If you are installing CiviCRM 5.0 from scratch, please use the corresponding automated installer instructions: users:: Prior to 4.7, CiviCRM forced to send out receipt emails regardless of configuration. From 4.7 onwards this will not happen and you should log into your interface and configure whether you want to send out receipts (in addition to those sent by CiviCRM).

Lybunt report users:: Some fields that were previously mandatory on Lybunt are now optional. On new reports they are on by default but you might need to check the fields you want are selected for existing reports.


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