API mini sprint in Brussels

2011-02-05 03:22
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The morning after....the API mini sprint in Brussels.....time for a blog post! I was getting ready for a developer camp, then getting ready to spend hours with Xavier coding like mad, and finally ended up with an API sprint with Luciano, Josh, Andreas, Hartmut and Xavier. Good fun, nice to once more appreciate the community I am part of. Xavier made me very happy with the api/ajax/doc, superb! Luciano contributed the Note API, Andreas was busy getting to grips with the API calls from the BAO, Hartmut dug into the unit tests and I had my satisfying progress with the XML part of the REST interface.

And on top of that Xavier and I took the decision to deprecate Location API and replace it with Address, Email and Phone API. I am not sure when this will be released, but I will get going with it straightaway. Good sprint, I love our community and I definitely prefer cold Belgian beer!!!!


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Yay - well done!


You've earnt yourself a warm beer!

... to see all the great work you all are doing (along with bringing new folks into the community)!