From the Digital Developer Sprint 2021

2021-04-18 03:09
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ErikHommel - member of the CiviCRM community - view blog guidelines

Last week a number of community members worked on a digital sprint to improve the Developer Guide. The sprint was organised by CiviCooP (

The sprint started with Michael O'Toole (aka mikeymjco) telling the rest about the documentation structure on GitLab, and straight after Alain Benbassat (aka alain.benbassat) demonstrating the usage of H5P interactive training elements (see and Lumi (see as a tool to create these elements on a desktop/laptop. The other participants immediately liked the tool and material and decided to have a play to see if we could see potential benefits.

After some initial play and discussion we did the following stuff during the sprint, some of it with H5P:

At the moment the interactive elements of the Developer Guide are hosted at but mikeymjco is working on some more "official" hosting solutions and some additional theming.

There will be ongoing work on adding interactive elements to the Developer Guide. If you want to join in, take part or ask questions please contact us at the Documentation channel on Mattermost:

Thanks to everyone who took part in the sprint, reviewed progress, took part in discussions or gave moral support! Every contribution is highly appreciated and important.

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