Preview of CiviVolunteer 2.0: Volunteer Registration as Shopping Cart

2015-09-14 15:01
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The opportunities / signup functionality looks quite good and really useful. Thanks for sharing the 'sneak peek'!

Frank, this looks amazing! Is there a shortcode for displaying this view on the frontend of WordPress websites?

Thanks Frank, this looks great.

We desperately need to have a description for each volunteer opportunity though.  The combination of Event/Project, Role, and Time isn't enough.  In our use case, we will have many identical Project/Role/Time combinations where the actual thing they are volunteering for is unique, and of interest to the volunteers.  In one example, we need volunteer projectionists for scientific conference sessions.  The volunteers will select which session to volunteer for based on the content of the session; often one they will be going to anyway.  This year we had almost 80 sessions over 3 days and there is a need for them to know which is which, by session name.

Ask Toby. ;)

Hi, Rob,

The interface in the demo has descriptions for each role as well as each project. Is that not enough? What I think I hear you saying is that you need another level of granularity for descriptions, down to the Need?

That's not presently in our roadmap. Technically, it's not a huge lift, but I'm not sure where such a field would fit in the existing interfaces. Feel free to share any ideas you have around that.

On a related note, I've been meaing to have a look at potentially adding custom field support to CiviVolunteer entities, but I need to do a little discovery there before I can say much more about that.

This looks wonderful and just what we are looking for to help volunteers find areas to participate.  When do you anticipate it being release to extensions?

Thanks, Julie. We are having a few clients put it through its paces right now. This process has been useful for checking some of our assumptions regarding how the software will be used as well as to find and address issues in a controlled environment. We want to get these issues sorted out before a public release since there are a lot of people using CiviVolunteer who have no contact with Ginkgo Street Labs.

If you're technical and have a testing site where you can safely install software-in-progress, you can get the code from GitHub and try it out (and hopefully report whatever bugs you find!).

This looks great!  An easy way for volunteers to find opportunities to fit there schedules and skills.