Chinese Traditional CiviCRM community website launched

2011-08-17 00:33
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We found that non-profit organizations/non-government organizations often face the phenomenon of lack of resources and therefore there is not much manpower to manage the constituents relationship well in Taiwan.


In a number of conversations with NPOs, we also found that most of NPOs are still using data sheet based tool (like Excel) to record/manage constituents' personal information. Such an approach to maintain constituents information is not bad, but when the constituent numbers become huge, the management work appears to be quite complex and difficult.


To help NPOs to solve similar problems, we found CiviCRM, which is an open source constituents relationship management software for NPOs, and focus it for a long time. We believe CiviCRM could do a great tool of constituents relationship management for NPOs and others. We released CiviCRM Chinese Traditional localization version, and launched a community website,, to get more people to understand and use CiviCRM. We hope that more users join the discussion in Chinese community website, and let civicrm more fit with local culture in future.


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