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CivicActions is offering a full day CiviCRM User Training in Seattle and in Berkeley.

I'll be conducting the training which is aimed at non-profit staff and consultants who want to learn how to
configure, administer and use CiviCRM.

The training program is
equally applicable to people who are already using CiviCRM and want to
become "power users", as well as people who are interested in evaluating
CiviCRM for their organization or clients.

The agenda will be finalized based on participant mix. Topics may include:

  • Introduction to CiviCRM - what does it do and how can it help you?
  • CiviMember, CiviEvent, CiviReport, CiviMail
  • Installation Overview
  • Configuring CiviCRM - site preferences, dedupe rules, mapping
  • reCAPTCHA, payment processors
  • Using the Contribution, Event and Membership modules
  • Collecting and exposing data to constituents (custom data, profiles)
  • Advanced features - price sets for events, CiviMail and message templates
  • Customizing CiviCRM - custom data, custom templates
  • Integrating CiviCRM with Drupal, including user/contact synchronization, Profiles, Organic Groups, Views2
  • Debugging - tips and tricks
  • Participating in the CiviCRM Community


  • Participants should bring a laptop
  • Participants are STRONGLY encouraged to have a working installation of CiviCRM locally on their laptop
  • If not locally, than on a webhost, though internet speeds at the
    training location will not support all participants working on their own
    remote installation simultaneously.
  • There will be an opportunity in the week prior to the training to
    get assistance installing CiviCRM locally on Linux or Mac OS X
    machines.  CiviCRM installs in a similar fashion to other Drupal
    Modules, though at CivicActions we do recommend installing CiviCRM into a
    separate database from your Drupal Installation.

Space is limited to a maximum of 20 people in order to ensure that all participants have an opportunity to ask questions.

Upcoming Training Sessions

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I think its awesome that CivicActions is doing user training on CiviCRM. Really helps the ecosystem grow and hopefully the two trainings will be well attended

Would be great if CA would donate a proceed of the profits from the trainings towards improving CiviCRM and/or get CA developers to work on some core CiviCRM issues to improve the product. There are quite a few things that have been requested out there, including this list from uservoice