First Manchester CiviCRM User and Admin Training Held

2012-06-08 07:50
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The first Manchester UK CiviCRM User and Admin training was held last week with a fantastic group of attendees who travelled from around the UK to learn more about Civi. Everyone got involved in sharing their experiences and user cases which made a friendly atmosphere over the two days.

The 7 attendees were looking to use Civi in different ways which lead to some interesting discussions about the user scenarios that Civi can adapt to. We managed to cover system set up and configuration and all Civi modules with some time for everyone to use a test site to try configuring a system themselves (Phew!).

Thanks to each of you who attended! Looking forward to catching up with you all at another UK Civi event soon.

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Anonymous (not verified)
2012-07-05 - 05:38


I'm from switzerland and looking for some training. There seems to be no training available in the german speeking area. Are there any further trainings planned in Manchester in 2012?


I would be very thankful to get training.