CiviCooP's Caldera Forms Collaboration initiative

2021-06-17 05:36
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Caldera Forms & add-ons will be sunset/retired on 31 Dec 2021 by the company behind caldera forms.

Clients of CiviCooP ask us how they can create a form on their wordpress webiste and our answer used to be: Caldera Forms and the CiviCRM Form Processor Integration.
We also have clients who contributed towards this development and who are already using Caldera Forms and the CiviCRM form processor integration with joy.

At the moment there is no alternative to Caldera Forms. And even if there was an alternative, that would be only helpful for new clients. Because existing forms are usually complex and used within a business process. For example, a governmental organization using the forms in their subsidy program. The forms are used to apply for money, to turn your accountability report etc...

In such situations it is easier to keep using Caldera Forms and pay a developer to fix a bug then to switch to another form builder plugin.

The caldera forms is licensed under a GNU General Public License version 2. This means we are able to share our bugfixes and improvements with each other even after the plugin is retired.

So we came up with this initiative to collaborate together on fixing bugs and developing improvements after the retirement of Caldera Forms.

This initiative is not only for developers but also for end users, as you probably want to share the issues you come across.

Do you want to take part in this initiative? Sign up at the CiviCooP site

ps. This is an initiative from CiviCooP and not from the CiviCRM community, however the community might benefit from it.


Ninja Forms have promised to provide a CiviCRM integration to replace Caldera



Should we take it from this that the discussions with the Ninja Forms developers have not gone well? Our plan had been to go with conversion of all our existing forms...

Can we get a status update on this effort? If it is not going to be possible to keep Caldera going, we will need to lay plans for a transition.