Summary of the 2nd video con about the future of caldera

2021-12-16 04:50
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jaapjansma - member of the CiviCRM community - view blog guidelines

Yesterday we had a second video call about the future of caldera. Main question was how can we collaborate together whilst supporting clients who are currently using caldera and who can not migrate easily within a short time.

Most of us had clients who are using Caldera Forms plugin and those forms are not easily rebuild in another tool (if there was another tool available, more on that later).

During our meeting someone created the mattermost channel Caldera Forms so we can easily keep the conversation going. So please join if you are using Caldera Forms or if your clients are using caldera and when you are looking on how to collaborate together on the ongoing support.

We also agreed we will make a copy of the codebase of Caldera publicly available. When that is done we will probably publish the link in the mattermost channel.

There was also a need for some sort documentation or wiki page. It might be that as soon as have a space with the codebase a wiki could be created in the same space.

We also discussed various alternatives, such as Gravity Forms and an upcoming Form Processor integration (not yet available but might become available in the short term). We discussed the Contact Form 7 + Form Processor integration. And we discussed AFForm/Form Builder which is shipped in core. And we discussed the ACF Extended Pro and ACF CiviCRM Profile plugin which has quite a bit of potential. We also discussed the potential of Gutenberg forms which does not have a CiviCRM integration.