Changes to Views Code base in 4.1

Recently we spent some time cleaning up the code base for Drupal's Views module in CiviCRM. This will be reflected in the 4.1 release of CiviCRM, at this point this was all written for Drupal 7, though should be portable to Drupal 6. There were a couple new features thrown in but much of this will focus on making the code base a little more efficient and easier to read.

The two major tasks were:

CiviEvent Usability

At the Developer camps on the 28th and 29th of April, 2009 (ie last week) one of the major tracks for all the breakout sessions was usability. Which is a major theme of the 2.3 version upgrade. In two of the groups I participated in we talked about the usability of the CiviEvent module from a an administrators perspective. One frustration that we decided need addressed was the 5 step wizard to create an event.