CiviCRM In Libya

2012-04-03 08:13
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CiviCRM In Libya

In the process of encouraging grassroots democracy, The American Embassy USAID, the embassy’s cultural office has lent its presence and assistance to democratization activities in Tripoli and other Libyan cities by supporting Libyan NGOs, civil society efforts, and local political organizations in other locales.

International assistance provides help and support for NGOs and organizations that run projects to improve the livelihoods of local communities to stand a good chance of getting these grants.

Tripoli University’s Program for Rebuilding Libya joint effort with the United States Embassy organised a two day event held at Tripoli University on the 13th -14th  of December 2011. The event was the city’s largest ever Civil Society Showcase. The audience were a mixture of civil society organizations and international non-governmental organizations.   

Miller technology took part on the first day with a presentation on CIVICRM open-source software, highlighting this cost effective solution for NGOs to manage their organization’s operations.

The audience had no previous knowledge of CiviCRM however there was a lot of interest in the product if translated to Arabic language

Click below to learn more about Civil Society Showcase – Tripoli

Questions asked

  • Hosting and technical settings
  • Language
  • Localizations
  • Cost and time scale.

Areas of interest

  • Grants
  • Events
  • Contact management

The workshop

A workshop was held on the second day of the event, the workshop covered the following areas 

  • Contacts – Individuals and Organisations
  • Activities
  • Creating Groups
  • Search using groups
  • Send a PDF letter
  • Creating a simple report

Work done so far

The start of the transaction project of Civi component to Arabic using Transifex

Where we go from here?

We recognise that this translation project is an on going process and will take time to accomplish. However we believe that the simplicity and cost effectiveness of the product should make it an attractive option to the Arabic.

By introducing CiviCRM in Libya we are helping to bring  CiciCRM to be recognised in that part of the world.

We welcome any ideas from the CiviCRM community on how to move this forward .



Sounds interesting. My guess is that if we don't have people in our own community or through the people you met in Libya with the skills for the translation then it would make sense to directly approach the communities that are likely to have arabic language skills. I would imagine it wouldn't be that hard to track down advocacy groups / religious groups with an interest in helping Libya